Top Ten Tips For Landlords

Top Ten Tips For Landlords

Here’s our pick of the ten best tips for residential landlords. We’ve been really concise because we know how busy you are!

If you have others that you think trump ours – let us know. If we agree we’ll stick ’em on the list.

Top Ten Tips For Landlords

1.  Decorate neutrally

2.  Don’t be greedy…go easy on the rent increases.

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3.  Speak to your mortgage lender

4.  Draw up a proper tenancy agreement

5.  Get tenant references

6.  Properly protect the deposit

7.  Check your building and contents insurance

8.  Declare taxable income

9.  Take safety seriously

10. If tenants stop paying, act fast

Follow these and you won’t go far wrong.

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  • Nice tips!You can also find an estate agent because they can find a reliable tenant for your property.

    • Peter Savvides

      Angela ,I agree with you .I found out the hard. This Letting agent I am now with has destroyed my property.I am giving notice for handover and never again.
      An established estate Agent will screen every tenant and provide quality tenants for your property.

    • A
      James Cooke

      Thanks Angela. Yes estate agents can help – but lots of leaseholders are saving themselves on estate agents’ fees by advertising and letting their flat themselves – often easily and very successfully. I guess it depends on individual circumstances.

      Thanks for commenting! James.