Top Ten Tips For Landlords

Top Ten Tips For Landlords

We know many leaseholders move out to then rent their leasehold flat. Follow these tips RIGHT TO MANAGE COMPANY, top ten tips for landlords. residential leasehold managing agents londonand you won’t go far wrong.

  1.  Decorate neutrally
  1.  Don’t be greedy…go easy on the rent increases.
  1.  Speak to your mortgage lender
  1.  Draw up a proper tenancy agreement
  1.  Get tenant references
  1.  Properly protect the deposit
  1.  Check your building and contents insurance
  1.  Declare taxable income
  1.  Take safety seriously
  1. If tenants stop paying, act fast


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  • Greed. Number 1 to come in mind when word landlord is used. We must make this word be in positive light. So have the compassion towards your tenants is a first step.

  • These are really great tips. Many people don’t seem to realise that unless you purchase a flat with the intent to let it from the start, thereby requiring a buy to let mortgage, then the same thing applies if you decide to rent the property later. If there is no change in mortgage then there is no protection for tenants if their landlord gets into arrears and the property is repossessed because the lender doesn’t know the tenant is there.

  • Thanks for sharing such blog. It is very effective and useful blog.