Our blog ‘Educating Leaser’ aims to inform leaseholders and stimulate debate about contemporary leasehold issues.

We want to support leaseholders and make them more aware of their rights.  Guest bloggers welcome!

We also issue the occasional press release where we feel it’s of merit to our leaseholder clients. A good example is our piece on the ARMA-Q initiative. We support ARMA-Q because of its positive impact on property management in London.

What Is Leasehold?

We are aware (because we were there ourselves) that you need to understand the basics about ‘what is leasehold’? So our blog is written in clear, jargon free language that will help you engage and understand the leasehold world.

You’ll find a consistent theme to promote customer service in the leasehold sector – because that’s what we’re about.  As well as the written content you’ll find video clips ranging from Parliamentary debates about leasehold reform to very local issues focused on specific private residential developments.

You’ll even find a tongue in cheek piece on leasehold reform written especially for April 1st… Our most popular blog has been “Property Management: It’s Actually About The People” which argues that technical knowledge, while important, is trumped by great people skills. What do you think?  We’d love to hear your views.  Join the debate at Educating Leaser.

Helpful sites

For your convenience we have also collated a suite of helpful, relevant websites:


Remember, while our core function is to deliver Residential Property Management, Right To Manage and Freehold Purchase services we are also passionate about improving our delivery too. We do that by garnering views and feedback through social media and blogging. Join the debate.

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